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Terms & Guarantee

Buyer is urged to research the breed and be familiar with all issues that affect their bulldog before entering into this Agreement.  It is very important to have a licensed veterinarian that is familiar with the bulldog breed.

The puppy you have purchased is, to the best of our knowledge, in good health at the time of sale.  Puppy will be ready to go to their new home after they are 8 weeks old and paid for in full.  Take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 48 hours of purchase.  Puppy is guaranteed against any hereditary defects that are life threatening until puppy is one year of age.  If puppy is found to have a defect, the puppy must be diagnosed by a veterinarian stating that puppy cannot live a healthy life as a pet quality companion.  Buyer is responsible for providing us with a veterinarian statement as to puppy's defect.  We have the right to have puppy re-examined by our own veterinarian.  Puppy will be returned to us within a reasonable amount of time (several weeks - not years).  You also have the option of keeping the puppy/dog.  Please note if pedigree papers have been sent out already, it has to be sent back to us before a letter of credit will be accepted.  If pedigree papers have not be sent out you will not receive it due to us not allowing pets with defects to be bred.

If puppy passes, buyer is responsible for providing me with a necropsy and full report from veterinarian.  This statement will be discussed with my vet and, if agreed, puppy will be replaced as soon as one is available.  This statement must be provided to me within five (5) days of diagnosis and puppy returned to me within seven (7) days with AKC papers and any other paperwork given at time of purchase (at buyer's expense).  All of our baby bullies are sold on AKC limited resgristration only - may consider full AKC to approved families.  Deposit to hold puppy is $500.00 and non-refundable. 

Buyer must keep current records of all vaccinations and deworming.  Buyer is aware that any and all veterinary cost after the date of purchase is the sole responsibility of buyer. 

There is no warranty against hypoglycemia, coccidia, hip or joint problems, parasites, cherry eye, viral, bacterial infections,or any diseases that are preventable with normal vaccinations.  There are too many variables as to why some of their problems can occur.  Failure to have the puppy examined within 48 hours of purchasing or breeding voids guarantee.  Buyer must keep records of all vaccinations and deworming current or guarantee is void.  Guarantee does not cover if puppy is abused, mistreated, neglected in any way, or failure to seek immediate medical attention for sick puppy.  Guarantee is void if buyer sells or gives puppy away.  We do not guarantee color, size and ability to breed or dog producing a litter.  Guarantee is void if puppy is neutered, spayed or has been bred. 

If puppy/dog is listed as show potential this means it has the potential to be shown.  It is impossible to determine show quality in any puppy under the age of six months.  That is why it is listed as "Show Potential".  A puppy can develop any undesirable show or breeding traits until it is one year of age.  Puppies sold as "Pet" will be limited registration. 

Any and all disputes arising from this Agreement shall be handled in Ventura, California.  There are no refunds in part or in full - only letters of credit will be issued.  If for any reason puppy needs to be returned it must be returned in sound condition other than the specified problem from the Veterinarian.  All AKC papers, health records and any other papers must be returned back to us. 

We do NOT accept personal checks.  We accept Postal Money Orders, Cash and Paypal. 

If for any reason you can no longer keep the puppy you may return puppy/dog back to us (Seller).  We offer our puppies to be healthy, lovable pet companions.  We do not want our puppies to end up in an animal shelter.  By purchasing a puppy from us you agree to these terms even if you do not sign and return this Agreement.





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